Kugel- und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH

Rolling bearings for Rail & Transportation applications

Rail & Transportation

The allotment of railbound vehicles provides a significant and increasing part of national and international transport of commercial goods. Global commercial transportation of cargo or internal plant transport demand high degree of reliability and long lifetime. In the field of public transportation there are additional demands of comfort and all above strict requirements regarding safety. Especially in this application, KRW has enjoyed the full confidence of the industry for several decades. In terms of quality tests roller bearings from KRW are evaluated with an excellent rating regularly. Since 1996, KRW continually is one of the companies, which meets the criteria of Q1 certification of Deutsche Bahn AG annually with best results. KRW is a reliable partner in equipping products of the railway industry and produces in accordance with the safety requirements of the following production rules (extraction):

"During the whole manufacturing process KRW Leipzig GmbH ensures the quality of all bearing components by ultra sonic, eddy current and an electro-magnetic flux leakage testing."

All our bearings are also available in current insulation.

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