View from above on to two KRW spherical roller bearings

The sealed precision spherical roller bearing



Precision and spherical roller bearings are two terms that are normally not used together in the rolling bearing world. A spherical roller bearing is usually used where it is exposed high forces, shaft bending, misalignment and alternating loads.

KRW Spherical Roller Bearings

KRW spherical roller bearing


If high precision is required, spindle or cylindrical roller bearings are the first choice. As a result, constructive limits are encountered again and again when the bearings
have to compensate misalignments and shaft deflections but still have to work very precisely. KRW has developed a spherical roller bearing exactly for this task.


Sectional view of a sealed KRW spherical roller bearing

Bearings design view

In the fabrication of technical foils, ever more stringent standards are placed on the precision of roller bearings in order to improve product quality and process control. KRW offers a spherical roller bearing with a radial runout of less than 4 microns.

The modified bearing of the standard type 23036 is equipped with HNBR seals and lubricated with a „for life“ grease filling. In addition, the bearing is provided with a slim brass cage instead of a standard sheet metal cage. The achievable alignment angle is significantly larger than on other sealed spherical roller bearings.


Therewith KRW offers a product that gains an additional value for our customers in many ways. For further information please contact our sales team or application engineering team.