The highest level of quality - KRW wheelset bearings


Track-bound rail vehicles represent a significant and steadily growing share in the national and international transport sector. A high degree of reliability and maximum stability are required. Especially in the field of ​​passenger transport, safety plays a major role. Particular importance is attached to wheelset bearings in railway applications.

KRW wheelset bearing with polyamid cage

Wheelset bearings form the interface between wheel set and bogie of a rail vehicle and are classified as safety-relevant components due to the extreme load in this demanding position. In order to ensure a high level of performance in the rail transport industry, DIN EN 12080 was developed. KRW has been manufacturing wheelset bearings for many well-known national and international rail vehicle manufacturers for decades.

KRW wheelset bearings meet the highest quality requirements. In addition to 100% traceability of all components up to molten steel, all parts are subject to special non-destructive testing. Roller bearing rings for wheelset bearings are subjected to 100% ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection after completion; rolling elements are controlled by means of an eddy current test. The rolling bearing cages made of brass or polyamide are also subject to several dimensional, functional and material tests. Conscious of the high level of responsibility, each individual component of the wheelset bearing is checked for internal and external faults.

Different types of wheelset bearings

From the long-time supplier of the Reichsbahn our company developed after the German reunification to a reliable partner of the Deutsche Bahn as well as many railway companies in Germany and Europe. Since 1996, we have been classified as Q1-supplier of the DB and as a developer and manufacturer of wheelset bearings we are in possession of the manufacturer-related product qualification, short HPQ.

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