Acid- and heat-resistant rolling bearings


Machines (e.g. chemical and energy-generating industry) are subject to special requirements:

1. Permanent and unobstructed operation in aggressive media (e.g. salt water, acid, bases)

2. Permanent and unobstructed operation due to safety hazards of the complete machinery in case of failure or unplanned downtime

3. Permanent and unobstructed operation due to difficult-to-access machine parts and difficult maintenance conditions

In all cases, equipping the plant with a standard bearing made of common bearing steel (100Cr6 or sister alloys) is not recommended in terms of low resistance to aggressive media and high life expectancy.

Steam turbine

For these applications, KRW offers special roller bearings made of corrosion-resistant steels. These bearings exhibit a high chromium content and are characterized by excellent results in salt spray test according to DIN 50021. The high steel purity as well as the special heat treatment contribute to a long service life of the bearing even under difficult conditions (e.g. high speeds, heavy loads). In combination with ceramic rolling elements, operation with minimum quantity or even media lubrication can be achieved.

In addition to some other applications, producers of turbines for geothermal power generation and gas turbine manufacturers already rely on KRW bearings made of special steels.

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