High-precision bearings for machine tools


Over the past years, we developed inside the machine tool business from a supplier of high-precision bearings for roll grinding machines to a system supplier of innovative bearing solutions in many areas of machine tools.

Rotary table bearing

Design of a rotary table bearing

In addition to the accuracy of our spindle and cylindrical roller bearings for large turning or grinding machines, our customers appreciate our flexibility and innovative drive in customized special solutions. Our developments in the field of direct driven rotary tables convinced our customers that much, we decided to offer this solution as a KRW-Standard. Therefore, the bearings of the ROTAB® series complement our portfolio since the end of last year. Especially the ROTAB® DBS offers an unattained turnability for large rotary tables. In combination with a trivial grease lubrication and the well-known "ready to install" shape of common rotary table bearings, this is the future solution for direct driven rotary tables.

ROTAB bearing

Thrust bearing for a lathe with 3 m face-plate with an axial run-out < 5 μm

Many factors influence which bearing may be the best for a machine tool. Also for that reason, we accompany our customers from the first stage of conception up to series production.

ROTAB® DBS bearing

ROTAB® DBS bearing for a rotary table of a lathe with 3 m face-plate for an axial run-out < 5 μm

More than once, we redefined the boundaries of the achievable and made new and innovative machine concepts to get possible. No innovative idea should come unstuck, just because the right bearing does not exist (yet).

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