A component of our success – KRW rolling elements


In addition to the manufacture of complete rolling bearings, the production of rolling elements has a long tradition in our company; not at least because these are one of the most important key components for our durable and high-precision rolling bearings.

In addition to standardized cylindrical rollers in all diameter and width ratios, KRW offers barrel-shaped (so-called barrel rollers, symmetrical & asymmetrical) and tapered (tapered rollers) rolling elements:

Different rolling elements by KRW
  • cylindrical rollers

( Ø 20 mm - 190 mm, lenght: 20 mm - 220 mm, logarithmic oder cylindrical-spherical profile )

  • tapered rollers

( Ø 20 mm - 190 mm, lenght: 20 mm - 220 mm, logarithmic profile, different geometric designs can be realized )

  • symmetrical and asymmetrical barrel rollers

( Ø 20 mm - 190 mm, lenght: 20 mm - 220 mm, design of the shell side raceway radius as well as the design of the end faces can be determined by the customer )

Depending on the design of the cage guidance, the rolling elements can be manufactured as a solid body or pdrilled through as a so-called hollow rollers. Standard rolling elements are manufactured according to DIN or ISO standards. Due to the many years of experience as a manufacturer of rolling bearings and rolling elements for a wide variety of applications, the quality of the products is above average due to special KRW production methods. Tolerances below the limits of corresponding DIN or ISO standard tolerances are possible.

In principle, our rolling elements can be ordered according to design, material, heat treatment method, degree of hardness, surface coating, tolerance class, profiling, dimension, gauge, gauge tolerance and set number. There is still the possibility of metallurgical investigations and non-destructive testing.

Surface measuring of a rolling element

KRW faces growing customer requirements and sees itself as a project and development partner. So the majority of all projects are customized rolling element solutions. Depending on the application and the customer's bearing design, specific profiles, tolerances, surface coatings and requirements for material, purity and heat treatment result. With the highest degree of flexibility and accuracy, KRW meets the requirements of its customers both in prototype production and in series production.

Finishing of surfaces for the production of certain surface topographies (so-called superfinishing), coating with wear protection layers (a-C: H: Me) as well as laser marking with article designations and batch numbers are also feasible.

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