We are your partner in the field of raw material processing


For decades, KRW bearings have been used where the most difficult conditions for a rolling bearing prevail: for example in coal mining, ore crushing and in the cement industry. Our products are particularly convincing in terms of wear resistance and longevity - two of the most important requirements for plant operators in these industries, because downtime and repair costs far exceed the costs of rolling bearings.

Bowl mill

Thanks to many years of experience, we have further developed our rolling bearings in many areas and optimized them for numerous applications. The spectrum ranges from improved materials and heat treatments to specifically adapted design features and application-optimized special designs.

Tube bundle dryer

In addition to applications in the field of large bowl mills, which serve the rough crushing of ores and rocks, we also supply customers in the area of ​​various presses, piston and diaphragm pumps and tube dryers.

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