Rolling Mills

The worldwide demand for steel and non-ferrous metals is constantly increasing. Sheets, profiles, wires or tubes made of these materials are used as semi-finished products in cars, cranes, buildings and even electrical engineering. Forming between two or more rotating rolls within a roll stand is a continuous process that is used in the automotive industry from the hot forming of coarse slabs to the calibration of finished outer skin panels.



Roll bearings in hot and cold rolling mills for rolling of steel and non-ferrous metals are subjected to high radial loads. In axial direction they are only slightly stressed. Only load-bearing roller bearings are used to absorb the predominantly radial forces.


Continuous casting plant with hot metall

Flat Product Rolling

Double row and four row cylindrical and tapered roller bearings are mainly used. If the radial support is provided by cylindrical roller bearings, axial support must also be provided. Depending on the forces to be absorbed and the rotation speed, spherical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings as well as deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings are used. When using double row tapered roller bearings with a large contact angle, the installation space for the axial support can be reduced accordingly. KRW rolling bearings are found in hot and cold rolling mills as well as many other rolling mill applications for flat products. Cold rolling stands for the rolling of non-ferrous metals and their alloys often have the possibility to counteract the elastic deflection of the rolls occurring during rolling operation by counterbending. The counterbending forces are applied to the roll journal via spherical roller bearings.



Sendizimir cold-rolling mill

Sendzimir applications

Thanks to decades of experience in this field, our bearings are optimised for every application. The combination of high-purity steel, optimum heat treatment and internal geometry specially designed for extreme loads guarantees a high degree of economy and product quality. An example of this are case-hardened support rollers for cluster mills (Sendzimir mills) which are sorted in groups of a few micrometres in their overall height.


Supporting Roller Bearings
Profile and long product rolling

Profile and Long Product Rolling

In professional roll stands, radial and axial forces are generally absorbed separately. In addition to standard solutions, KRW also supplies special bearings for rolling tubes, rods and other profiles. These are mostly modified angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with special sealing as well as the possibility to adjust the roller nip directly by an additional rotation within the bearing. Some bearings are ready-to-install solutions, which are mounted in the housings and on shafts using adapted designs.


Services and Engineering

KRW fully supports its customers from the design of the bearing arrangement to advice on installation and lubrication. Ideally, the cooperation starts with the first draft. Based on the requirements from the subsequent machining process, KRW recommends the best bearing solution.


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