The classic rolling bearing material 100Cr6, whether in its basic version or additionally alloyed, fulfils all conditions that are necessary for the absolute majority of rolling bearing applications. 100Cr6 is cost-effective, easily achieves 60HRC in heat treatment and is available in a high degree of purity. As one of the best-researched steels, it has a very good resistance to the material fatigue processes that predominate in rolling bearings.


Especially in the area of special applications, there are a large number of edge areas, in which additional properties are expected from the rolling bearing, that a hardening standard steel cannot reproduce. For these applications, KRW also manufactures bearings in special materials.


Depending on the application and the requirements, the KRW engineers decide which material and which heat treatment process is best used.


Special operating conditions require special rolling bearings

The following overview provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a selection of common materials: Rolling bearing materials in comparison


In many areas, however, it is also sufficient to modify individual components of the rolling bearing. For example, ceramic rolling elements already offer effective protection against smearing as a result of insufficient lubrication or slippage in the bearing.

The coating of individual bearing components is also an alternative to a special material and often achieves the desired effect much more cost-effectively, especially for very large rolling bearings. KRW produces a wide variety of coatings. You can find out more at:



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