Selection / Dimensioning / Calculation

The KRW application technology team provides support from the initial idea of a bearing arrangement to its implementation in practice. The spectrum begins with the simple calculation of the service life time of a bearing and extends to the complex representation of gears.


Selection and Dimensioning of bearings

Using state-of-the-art tools, all rolling bearings are examined individually and in their interaction with each other as well as the shaft and housing components. No detail remains unnoticed. Only in the interaction of the planned bearing forces with the influencing factors bearing clearance, material, temperature, shaft bends and not least the stiffness and deformations of structural components can the selection of the bearing be correctly evaluated.


Cutting view of a KRW tapered roller and angled ball bearing

In times when resources should be conserved and companies are under cost pressure in global competition, downsizing is on everyone's lips. Classic rolling bearing designs neglect many influencing factors that were not relevant in generous designs ten or twenty years ago. Especially in the case of large bearings, many damages of recent years are attributable to this circumstance. This is why KRW is reliable, competent and uncomplicated at your side right from the first design phase.


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