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ACB-Series - Self-aligning Cylindrical Roller Bearings

KRW Industry Range - Railway and Transportation

KRW Industry Range - Machine Tools and Processing Machines

KRW Industry Range - Paper and Plastic Processing

Reconditioning of Bearings

ROTAB® - KRW Rotary Table Bearings

Bearings for Roller Presses

Bearings for Wire Rode Rolling Mills

Code of Conduct


Service Documents

Characteristics of sliding shoe and honing marks

Assembly instructions for wheelset bearings

Installation manual for rotary table bearings

Measurement report for shaft and housing seats

Securing damaged bearings

Packing of damaged bearings

Packing of rolling bearings

Certificates and Awards

Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 50001

Deutsche Bahn - Manufacturer-related Product Qualification

Deutsche Bahn - Classification of the Quality Capability

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