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Rolling bearings are machine elements which play a central role in almost every application with rotating components. Almost every engineer comes into contact with this topic at some point in his career and faces the task of designing, dimensioning and properly integrating roller bearings into the machine. Building up the necessary knowledge is a tedious process, if you want to master this in self-study. In today‘s business world, a company can hardly afford to use its ever-shrinking development time effectively or make design mistakes due to a lack of expertise.


In addition to the basics of rolling bearing technology, KRW also provides the expert knowledge of a rolling bearing manufacturer - fast and compact.

KRW Training

Know-how at first hand

Training can be carried out both in your company on site and in our house.

Itis also possible to gain insights into our rolling bearing production and learn more about KRW.

Depending on the number of participants and qualifications, we use one-day or multi-day events and are happy to help you with the organization.

In addition to individually tailored to your content training documents, is also always practice-relevant illustrative material used.


We would be pleased to make you an individual offer.

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