As a supplier of precision rolling bearings and development partner to its customers, KRW has understood that the accuracy of the bearing is not the accuracy of the rolling bearing alone. All conversion parts must meet the highest requirements and be able to transfer the precision of the rolling bearing to the next assembly.



KRW is not only a manufacturer of rolling bearings,

but also, a system provider for customers worldwide.


In our manufacturing spectrum, we therefore also develop and produce rolling bearing modification parts, components for direct bearings or other precision components. In the range up to 2.500 mm we are able to reproduce complex shapes, to realize 5-axis machining and to integrate deep hole drilling for lubrication, hydraulics or pneumatics.


Our strength is that we do this with the precision of a rolling bearing manufacturer. Any rotationally symmetrical geometrical shape can be produced in precision machined surfaces and rolling bearing accuracies down to a few micrometers in shape and position deviations. We use our know-how in materials engineering and heat treatment to optimally adjust the material properties according to the customer's specifications and then optimize the manufacturing process.


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