Split rolling bearing KRW

Benefits of split rolling bearings



Split bearings are often used in large plants, such as drive and transmission shafts of belt conveyors, rotary kilns in the production of building material, shredding machines in mining and mixers and agitators in the processing of building material.

The inevitable bearing replacement after a long period of use is difficult and very expensive especially for systems with multiple supported shafts and complicated installation situations. In most cases, it is essential to disassemble further components, such as drives, gear wheels or couplings in order to change the rolling bearings themselves. Due to contamination, deformation or corrosion after years of operation under harsh conditions these components must be destructed during disassembly. Changing rolling bearings under these circumstances is a tremendous technical and logistical challenge. The recovery of accidentally damaged or destroyed components is also an unpredictable risk for the downtime of the plant.

Split rolling bearing KRW


For such scenarios, rolling bearings were developed whose outer and inner ring and cage ring are designed with radial split. The resulting halves can be joined at the appropriate location of the bearing seat around the shaft. Inner ring and cage are screwed or clamped with clamping rings. The outer ring receives its support through the plummer block housing. Due to the increased manufacturing costs the costs of split bearings are significantly higher that an equivalent standard bearing. However, the resulting savings in maintenance and downtime costs of large plants are usually at a multiple of the higher bearing price.


Cut view of a split rolling bearings KRW


In most cases the applicability of split bearings is already considered in stage of construction, because this results in geometric changes in the dimensions of the inner ring (in comparison to the standard bearing). Additionally it is always necessary to pay attention to the appropriate housing size and housing design.  With experience and expert knowledge, KRW is able to implement even the most challenging projects and individual solutions.



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