KRW Spherical roller bearing with increased tilt angle

Spherical roller bearings with increased tilt angle to 6°


In many cases standard roller bearings in the field of special machine construction are not sufficient to meet customer-specific requirements. Depending on the design, standard spherical roller bearings have a maximum tilt angle of 1.5° to 2° to compensate for misalignments of the shaft or housing. In the field of presses and forming machines, however, sometimes bearings with a larger than average tilt angle of up to 6 ° are required to ensure, for example, the removal of a workpiece after machining from the machine. With an outside diameter of 820 mm and a total weight of 780 kg, KRW developed a spherical roller bearing, which successfully solves this problem.

To ensure this large swivel angle, the following possibilities were considered: a shortening of the spherical rollers or widening of the outer ring. Since a shortening of the spherical rollers would result in a reduction of the dynamic and static load ratings, this option had to be discarded.

Special bearings in their maximum positions and zero position

Special bearings in their maximum positions and zero position

The space in the machine, however, allowed an outer ring broadening, which goes far beyond the standard. In combination with a complete overhaul of the bearing internal geometry, our engineers have been able to develop a special spherical roller bearing which ensures a maximum tilt angle of 6 °, thus offering our customers the optimum bearing solution for their machine.

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